Here you find graphics for print, web etc and also links to homepages I have been working on. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size images.

Graphics for print etc:

Retouching Just for fun Cyber Egg
engagemangs guider logga ufnet logo Nilex Rollups Vetenskapsyran

Kullafärg Poveldiggarna Karl X Gustav Eva-Maria Junker
IKEA Systems Stengrunden Digitalfyndet The Unicef Heart

Blå Lotus MAME Arcade Filmforum
Atarinvader Parasoll Isover Extraco Isover Spenster

96% Öresundskraft Qlt OSS Checkspeare Stargoose



Webpage for the restaurant Chopstick House.


Webpage for Insamlingsstiftelsen Stengrunden.

Lotta på Åsen

Webpage for the cafe; Lotta på Åsen.

Klöva Hallar

A webpage created pro bono for Klöva Hallar.


A webpage for MiniTec systems, with a clean and simple design. Optimized for fast loading on all Internet connections. I did all the visual design, and created the homepage using Dreamweaver.


Flash intro for Centerpartiet. I worked with Hans Johansson creating it. Hans did the technical Flash work, I did the soundFX and we worked together with the idea and visual design. Optimised for fast loading and 106KB in size. You need the Flash player to watch it.